Mike Raymond & Sons, Inc. is a home heating oil delivery company dedicated to providing a quality product at a competitive price. Our customers have been able to depend on Mike Raymond & Sons to keep their families warm for a century now, through our dependable service and always low prices. ​
Mike Raymond, a young immigrant from Palmoli, Italy, at the turn of the 20th century, came to America looking for a better opportunity for his future generations. Mike bought a home on Cherry St. in Pottstown, PA where he immediately began a coal and ice business out of his residence. The residents of south Pottstown still have many fond memories of Mike and their dealings with him in the early years. Mike was able to find success in his business venture because his customers found him to be reliable and his prices always competitive. Word spread quickly of his strong work ethic and his quality product, and Mike Raymond & Sons suddenly became a household name. Mike and his wife, Anna, had five children; two boys and three girls.
Mike Raymond's two sons had always helped out with the business, but it was his youngest son Mike who was predestined to carry the torch. Mike Jr. went off to college for a short time, but his stay was shortened due to his passion for the business. The whole time he was off at college he knew that he wanted to get involved in the business. He returned home and did just that, helping his father out with the coal business. Mike Jr. thought it would be a good idea to enter into the fuel oil business because he saw the homes in the neighborhood beginning to convert to that means of heating. Mike Jr. was able to convince his father into this venture in 1960. From that year on Mike Raymond & Sons went from being the neighborhood coal and ice company of choice to being the fuel oil company of the town. Together Mike, and Mike Jr. went forward into the 1960's all the while bringing their already strong customer base with them as they too converted to fuel oil with the times. Mike Jr. wanted to push forward with this new venture with his father, but at the same time he felt a strong desire to serve his country. That is when he enlisted himself into the Marines. After serving his four years of duty with the Marines he was right back to work with his father. Mike Jr. gives the credit to the strong work ethic that the Marines taught him to his success in the fuel oil business. He feels that it was this hard work that the customers noticed and in return paid him back in tremendous customer loyalty. Mike Jr. thanks his customers for the great success that he has found in the fuel oil business over the past 50 years. He is also excited about the future of the company as he prepares to pass the torch to his youngest son, Mark. 

Mike Raymond Jr (above) standing with one of his earlier trucks

Mark (below) standing on the step of one of the former Mike Raymond & Sons trucks 
Mark is married to Cassandra Raymond and they currently have one son, Anthony and one daughter, Anna. Mark and Cassandra met while they were attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Mark graduated Summa Cum Laude in Business Management. He was also inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta society, which is offered to the top students in the field of business. 
Mark decided to go to school because he wanted to be well-rounded in the field. He had grown up knowing the "hands on" part of the oil business, and has had his CDL since 1994, but he felt that the classroom would be invaluable to his future success in the industry. His focus for the company is to remain one of the most dependable oil delivery companies in the area, as well as to become the most customer friendly. He plans on achieving these goals by being attentive to his customers' needs and wants and going the extra mile to make sure that every one of his customers' needs are met. Mark is looking forward to the opportunity to serve his customers for years to come. 
Mark and Anthony filling up their neighbor's home in 2011 
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Mike Raymond (above), in front of his home on Cherry St. in Pottstown with his Coal Truck